Traveling the world

If I could do anything I ever wanted, without thinking about money and everything else. I would back my things and go traveling. I would travel the world. See all these amazing places I have only seen on pictures. I found this awesome blog

This girl has done everything I want to do. Such an awesome blog and I love these pictures. Hopefully I can write these type of stories and take these pictures myself.

When it gomes to traveling I have only really seen fiew places. UK, Austria and Crete. I have been on many countries, but truly seen these two. Those others (finland, sweden, latvia, poland, lithuania, denmark) I have really been to these countries less than a day. So I can’t really consider them as countries I have been to.

But hopefully soon I get to really see them.


It’s one of those dontknowhowitends.

If you could choose a superpower what would it be and why? the idea of people with powers is my second belief. Since, well there is no Hogwards (as far as we know), there has to be something else in this world. Something more special. And after watching another superhero movie an idea came to me. What if there actually is people with somekind of skills. Maybe they just keep them a secret becuase humanity isn’t ready for superpowers. It would be a logical step in evolution.

Fiew days ago I had a conversation with this girl I work with. We were talking about how the people in here are making me to lose hope in Estonian people. The reason behind it is quite simple. If there is a person in need of help, most people just stare. One example gomes from my work. There was a child, a small boy. He was crying. All the older people just walked by, didn’t even care. Twenty something woman asked this boy why he was sad. It turned out that his grandmother was in store and he couldnt see her.

The people in other countries are friendlier. I remember the first day in Birmingham. I was dragging my luggage on the street. It was 21 kg. There where these big staires near my student hall. I was trying really hard to get this huge suitcase down. While doing so, four men asked if I needed help. Which I didn’t, I am an estonian. I can do everything myself.

There is a movie about a boy. He made a project in school about helping others. The project was quite simple. One person had to help three others. Those three in return had to help three new people each. I’m sure you know the movie. Is there any way we could do the same thing. Help others and in return they had to pass this favour to someone else. Think how much better the world would be. Another thing I hope is that all of us could smile more. Not be so serious all the time.

Other thing I find funny is how people think you are weird if you are different. It’s like most people are red currants and if you are a black currant you must be wrong. By that I mean when you are happy with yourelf and how you are not like other people, these ordinary humans think that you must be locked away or something.

I read a news how a person living near where the area where the plane was shot down. It made me think, how is it possible that one person could harm another. Or how they can be happy when someone gets hurt.

Is this really the world we want to live in?

Changing yourself and the world.

Nietzsche has said “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

People change all the time. You are not the same person you were yesterday and tomorrow you will not be the same as today. Things happen. You make mistakes and learn from them. Some of them are bigger than others. These mistakes will change you.
Some changes are made willingly and some not. Some people want to improve. They may want to something different about themselves or they may want change the world. I bet most of you have seen or maybe even read a selfimprovement book. I have. A fiew actually. One was “The Monk who sold his ferrari” by Robin Sharma. It was about a man who was living a successful life being a lawyer. One day he had an heartattack. After that he had a spiritual crisis. He then traveled to tibet and lived with the monks. He learned how to be more thankful for the thinkgs he had. How he needed to take time for himself. I think it was a good book. Makes you think. At the end of it, I had a question for myself. Do I need to have some big shakedown in order to change things about me that I really think should be different.
I think It is a new and growing trend. Finding youself and changing things about youself. About you thinking. Looking after your spiritual being.
There are also people who want to change something about the world. Even Gandhi said be the change that you wish to see in the world. You can moan about how some things should be different. In the end just talking about it will not have any influence. The change has to gome from someone. So changing youself may in the end be the push needed for that certain thing.
Accept that change is inevitable. Adjust. Thats all.