As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have made another picture. It is strange how time goes by when I’m drawing. Like I go into this bubble and just focus on the picture. When I check the time, two hours is passed, even though it feels more like ten minutes.

Can you tell that I’m having a day off. That’s when I can really get into doing art. Really happy that today hasn’t gone to waste.


A rose and the butterfly

So I was looking around in wordpress and I found this blog. The owner made these really cool pictures and I wanted to try using her style. I have quite fiew people making pictures with this technique. I have never tried it. Anyway this is my first attempt

FYI I really like it and quite possibly you will see another one soon.


The Birds

I needed some change from my city panoram painting and wanted to a painting with birds and with warmer color. So here is my painting of birds and a tree with blossoms. Sorry for the shine, could’t take a better picture, I did my best. Hope you like it.IMG_7978

The moon



I love the moon

It is the most beaudiful thing I have ever seen.

It has that mistery about it, you don’t really know what it is, but thats he point.

Watching it with all these stars around it, is something that helps me to get my head sorted.

The moon has been there forever  and will be there after we all are gone.

I wonder how many people have walked alone in a forest, with only moon lighting the way. The type of light that makes you feel calm and peace.

How many people have told their secrets to the moon and how many will do that in the future.

Does the moon get lonely sometimes?

Or are the stars all he/she needs.

Something that sparkles but doesn’t shine as bright.

Does the moon like to be at the centre of that night life, or is that something like there is no choice.

The moon is the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced.

Life without fear

Fear is a big part of our lives. And it is easy to say that without fear I would do so many things better. I would be able to say things and do things that I would not to normally.
For example I would express my feelings more freely. I would do more adventurous things.
But there is a bad side aswell. I thing fear is necassary. How else would you know if you are brave. If you are able to face those fears and still manage to beat them. Another thing that may happen is that you can get hurt. Being in a situation where your life might be in danger, but you may not even know. Or maybe you are considering of going with some people to somewhere. With fear a real thing you may think twice about it and in the end decide not to go. Without fear you go with them, and in worst case, end up dead in some hole in the ground.
With fear we think more.

PS: this picture isn’t mine, I found it online and I really like it. Thought it may be the perfect ilustration for todays post.




Unitl I have some new stuff to post about, ill show you what i have done so far.

On this first drawing is a bunny. Not sure where the idea came from, but i had it for fiew months before i drew it. Half bunny – half robot. I really wish i could make a toy like that. It would be so awesome.

I have always liked cartoons. You know, the cute ones, like frozen, rio, finding nemo. If i had a bad day or i’m feeling blue. Lovely fairytale like that will change my mood. For a while know i have had a dream, to create a cartoon like that myself. I have some characters ready, but i don’t know how to write a good story or even what to write. Maybe someday i will have a good idea about that.

If any of you have an idea you can always let me know.