One of those perfect days.

For todays post, i was struggling to find a good topic. To find some motivation, i went trough my photos taken when i lived in UK. I game across these taken last spring. I decided to write about that day.

When i woke up, I didn’t have a good mood. It was just one of these mornings. I had to go to University for a morning lesson. Just to let you know, i am not a morning person and i mean at all. I made a cup of my favourite tea. Went back to bed.

I was so tired, because i was working the day before. So i decided not to go to school. I was going to take a chill day. Day full of resting.

While drinking my tea I was watching something from my computer. My friend called me. She wanted to hang out. The weather was so nice, sun was up. While thinking about where to meet, I remembered that there was a playground near my house. That ended up being the place where we hung.

I think we were there for hours before we headed to our other friends work. We wanted to see how long she will be working. But because she had to be there for few more hours, we sat near the canal. The sun was shining so bright.

When i got back to my flat i was so filled with energy, that i finished my assignment and i was happy.

That’s what friends and sunshine do to you.

Do end of this post ill add a photo from that day. I love it so much.



William, the family dog.

Last year in september my dad decided to take a new dog. German Shepard.

On the first picture my dog is still with his family. He is the one whose tail has a white top. You can already tell that he likes chewing things.



On the next ones, my dog is already at his new house. Running around. We had two other dogs before alrady. Smaller ones and both female. I was worried about how they act with a new puppy in the house. Older one was really mean to him, didn’t like when William went near her, even tried to bite him.


You could already tell that he will be on troublemaker, but he was one really cute puppy.


He is 8 months old right now. It is so strange how fast he has grown up. I think the funniest thing he does is: when you go outside, he takes the first thing he can find, gomes to you with that come play with me face. When he realizes that the first thing doesnt work, he finds the biggest branch he can and tries to get you to play with him. If you still wount go, he will get his basketball (half chewed basketball) By then i usually give up and play with him.


Im really sorry about this post being realli similar to my last one. But i REALLY wanted to write about my dog. He is just so awesome. Even though he has broken my clothes and boots. He is still so much fun.

Spring, what I love about it.

Because the spring is arrived, kinda, (it was snowing here today) I wanted to do a post about why i love spring. And because pictures speak more than words, i will show you all some of my favourite spring pictures i have taken. 

Usually in april the forest is filled with these lovely, small, blue flowers. Everywhere you look you can see loads of them.



On the next picture, there are the same flowers than on the first one. But there are two reasons why i love this picture. First is that there is a pink flower on it. I have never seen a pink one before. And the second is that it sums up the spring. You can see dried leaves all over the place, but between all this death, there are new things growing. And this is the main reason why i love spring. Everything gets colorful.




These next ones are taken in my garden. Which means that soon my mothers planted flowers will star blossoming soon. Soon the tulips should start to bloom. 



I love spring because everything gomes to life and everything gets colorful, as i said before. I can’t forget the sun, which is shining so bright and gets more and more powerful with every day. This means warmer days, and well hopefully happier people, who are getting their vitamin D.

I read an article about the reasons why sun is good for you. I’ll add a link of that article in here so all who are interested can read it too.

I will end this post with a picture of my favourite thing in life.


Dream I had last night.

I had the weirdest dream today. 

I found a diary from the 1950’s, it was handwriten by a scientist. So i started reading this. The guy wrote about how he invented something, but he had to hide it. 

Next thing I remember was how I was working with this guy, who was that scientists relative. One day he told me that his grandfather was a scientist, who had a lab. No one knew where that lab was. I dont know why, but i showed him the diary i found. Obviously it belonged to this guys grandfather.

So we started looking for that lab. To find out what this scientist was talking about. What was this thing he invented.

Somehow we found it. When we went in, we didnt see anything. There were motion sensors all over the place. And other protective gear you can think of. There was a facial recognition thing, which identified the guy as relative of the scientist. (couldn’t expect that, right)

So basically we found a room, which was filled with stereos. When we got to the end of the room, there was this big thing. Technological thing. We started examining the thing. We found out that the guys grandfather was in there. Dont know how, but we opened it and his grandfather woke up. They started catching up. 

One point we heard something. Somebody had followed us. 

It ended up with the guy having his legs cut off. Obviously the scientist knew how to grow back his legs. So everything ended up okey.


When i woke up, first thing that i thought about was wtf was that. I mean what was i thinking about before falling asleep. What made me having such a weird dream. It made me wonder, what makes us dream about the things we do.

Is it our subconsciousness trying to say something? Some say that if you see someone in your dream, that person was thinking about you.

Only thing i know about dreams, is that you can only see the faces you have seen in real life. 


night vision


I’m a night person. That is the time when i have the most ideas and well, function better.

I love the night. The stars, the moon. I find it misterious and makes me feel like anything can happen.

Sometimes it may scare me though. You can never know what hides in the darkness. Especially in the forest. Which can be the scaryest place ever. I have had to walk trough a forest at a night time. It is amazing. With the moonlight shining trough the trees and occasional glimpse of stars. 

But when i hear the breaking of branches, i freak out sometimes. 

One early morning when i headed to the train station, when the sun hadn’t gome up yet, i heard a noise. I stoped. When standing still, i heard it again. As soon as i started walking again 3 goats walked passed me. They where just inches away from me. I was so scared, because i didnt expect it at all. I always thought they avoided people.

But doesnt matter if the night is frightening or not, it is still very misterious. And i will always feel drawn to it.

Trying out something new.

I have done lots of pencil drawings, so fiew months ago i decided to try something else. Something colorful. So i ended up buying some cheap oilcolors and started painting.

This is one of my first pictures i did. So far, i think, it has been my best oilpainting. I have done 10 pictures i think. Will start on the 11th today. I have some ideas. And hopefully it will work out.


I usually have done black and white pictures. For some reason i feel more comfortable with only black pencil.

Sometimes when i have to decide on whether to make a picture colorful or not, and i decide to add colors, i end up disliking my picture. I am not used to colors and i am trying to change that.

I’ll keep you updated with my progress.