So I am working on this tattoo design I want to tattoo on myself. It is quite hard as I have constantly new ideas. I have the general idea, but how exactly it will look, will depend on my mood at that point. Need to get some things before I can actually tattoo myself. Just … More Designs


Lately I have been starting to follow some youtubers and instagram profiles of people who are into fitness. One of my favorites is Rob Lipsett, mainly because he’s irish (love the accent). You can’t blame a girl for that. Also I am trying to keep myself motivated and seeing people who talk/post about fitness kind … More Fear


So yesterday was Friday and somehow I managed to have two workouts. I went before work and did some cardio and after work I did weights. I noticed last night that I felt more energetic after my second workout. But as soon as I went to bed and I as a sleep. And woke up … More Friday

Still lazy

I am still lazy when it comes to writing this blog. Do not know why, I really like it. Anyway I am trying to workout quite often, eat healthy and so on. Mostly things will go as planned. Not today, as I felt like eating some junk. Kinda have to some days. Did my workout … More Still lazy

Snack time

My favorite snacks at the moment. Banana-peanut butter- chocolate – coconut. It is my second time doing them, but I already did better than the first time. What makes them so good is that I do not have to cook anything. I even used microwave to melt the chocolate.


With another sunday, I can conclude my week. It was awesome. I did kind of worked out 5 times this week. At the beginning I just worked out, did some running, the usual. Yesterday tho I tried something new and my muscles are SO sore today. I tried pole dancing. And it made me realise … More Sunday


I had one really interesting sunday. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos (did post on snapchat, but didn’t save them). But it started with a brunch with my friend. It was soooooo good. Estonian food, all you can eat basically. So you know I ate a lot. Those pancakes. I could eat them all day … More Sunday