Almost summer



Birthday week


I had a birthday on Monday and had one really awesome day.

Got a new haircut. I have been thinking about getting shorter hair for a while now. So it was my present for myself. Shorter and lighter hair. And it is so much easier now, having long hair is awesome but exhausting, sometimes.

Checked out the fitness supplements store, where I saw some things I want to buy and I ended my day with dinner with my gymbuddy. I think we chilled out together for 6 hours almost.

Now it is already Friday and I have had quite good week. I have already worked out 4 times this week. Happy that it is the weekend now. Get to sleep in tomorrow.

1 night – 4 tattoos

Unlike most people I stayed home this Friday. I gave 2 of my friends tattoos. These red ones are my first color tattoos. I do think they turned out quite good. Now I actually would love to get a small finger tattoo myself. Might actually give myself one soon. But since it is such a visible spot, I will take my time on deciding what exactly.

To be honest, I would love to have a week off from my day job and just tattoo every day.


Today I went to the gym and had a killer leg workout. Me and my gym buddy challenged ourselves with deadlifts. We wanted to see what is the max weight we could deadlift, today we went up to 60kg, but we could have done more. But we decided not to go heavier, since both of us have had issues with our knees.


7 km


Today I started a new running season with 7 km run. Next is probably 10 km Rakvere Night Run in august, Nike 5 km run in September and 10 km Fall run. Not sure if I will attend any runs in June and July, we will see.

But today was okay. Weather was nice and sunny even tho sometimes it was too hot, no air. But I was faster than 3 years ago, when I attended the same run. At least I think I was. Running was easier as well. Did get some sun also, which was good.

Tea overdose

I have not worked out for a week. Mostly because I was sick. I am feeling  a lot better and hopefully manage to finally workout tomorrow. Also I have been drinking SO much tea. I feel like I cant anymore, but I still do, just in case. I already feel the affects of not working out. I get neck pain, because I work behind a computer.

Really need a good back session. At least I have had more time to draw.