I have somehow managed to get sick. Yesterday I felt quite bad and I skipped my workout. Today I really wanted to go, so I did. I now I should sleep and all, but me and some of my workout buddies have this challenge where in May we can only have 4 days without workout. … More 10.05.2017


So, I made another video of my workout buddy Cetlyn. I do not know why I make these. I am just a little bored at home after work and when I should maybe go to bed I make something stupid. Boredom right.. Anyway if You want to watch it, click the name. If You don’t … More Youtube


On a friday I managed to get myself out of bed 7 in the morning to workout. Last time I did it, I went to the gym without eating anything, as I was just so tired I forgot. This time I had protein shake. This really got me going. After my friday workout I went … More Workouts


So I got bored and I had these unused clips from this video project I did few months ago. I put together this video of my gym buddy,┬áCetlyn. I got this program to video making, so I had to use it. Anyway, me and boredom may lead to some weird things online. But basically this … More GYM

A little fox

My next tattoo, I tattooed on myself. The lines are already so much better. This is my forth tattoo ever. To be honest, I mostly want to practice tattooing now. Like I want to get my lines perfect and then start practicing shading and coloring. At the moment I have only black ink. Luckily I … More A little fox


So I am working on this tattoo design I want to tattoo on myself. It is quite hard as I have constantly new ideas. I have the general idea, but how exactly it will look, will depend on my mood at that point. Need to get some things before I can actually tattoo myself. Just … More Designs


Lately I have been starting to follow some youtubers and instagram profiles of people who are into fitness. One of my favorites is Rob Lipsett, mainly because he’s irish (love the accent). You can’t blame a girl for that. Also I am trying to keep myself motivated and seeing people who talk/post about fitness kind … More Fear