Weekend vibe

My weekend went by quite quietly. I was at my parents house, played with my dogs and cats and didn’t do anything. Just rested and slept a lot. As I have had such insane weeks at work. Really needed this short holiday.

Did worked out on Saturday and Sunday, but it wasn’t this heavy workout I maybe normally would do.

Have quite few tattoo designs and caricature to do this week, so I am hoping to get on track with them. So it will be work and art filled week. But I am not complaining, I love tattooing and I cannot wait to get better so I can do these amazing pieces I see all over the internet.

Took some photos from this weekend as well.


Almost summer


Birthday week


I had a birthday on Monday and had one really awesome day.

Got a new haircut. I have been thinking about getting shorter hair for a while now. So it was my present for myself. Shorter and lighter hair. And it is so much easier now, having long hair is awesome but exhausting, sometimes.

Checked out the fitness supplements store, where I saw some things I want to buy and I ended my day with dinner with my gymbuddy. I think we chilled out together for 6 hours almost.

Now it is already Friday and I have had quite good week. I have already worked out 4 times this week. Happy that it is the weekend now. Get to sleep in tomorrow.

Interesting night.

So, I finally found some time to write something.

on 14th we had our staff party. Which I had been waiting for a while now. But it kind of went not as expected.

I was working before the party, so I was getting ready after work and headed with a taxi to the venue where the party was. I got to the cloakroom and realised my phone was missing so instead of enjoying the party I had to figure out where it was. Called the taxi company, as I was sure i left it in the taxi. It took probably 3 calls and 2 hours, but they told me that the phone wasn’t in the car. Taxi driver had looked everywhere for it.

My next thought was that probably it fell on the ground somewhere ( I remembered having it in the taxi). I figured I’d ask the venues reception and it was there. For a second I felt relief. Then I realised it wasn’t working. Nothing worked. I was quite angry.

Next day I went to buy a new phone. Now I can use all the apps I wasn’t able to use as my last phone didn’t let me update anything or download new apps. Didn’t have enough room, even tho I had deleted most of the stuff from my phone.