I think growing up we struggle to find our place in life. But when you are slightly different it is even harder. Because you want to be like everyone else and when you have that creativity bug you are not like others. Most people don’t have that. So as a teenager or a young adult fitting in is everything you want. You think it is the most important thing in life. So when you make decisions about your life, thats always in your mind. That was something I did. I was afraid to stand out. I wanted to be like others.

Latelly I have realised that I AM different. And I don’t mind. But since I had force that side down, It has been hard to find it again. But I’m not giving up. So in this blog you will find my journey. Hopefully you will see me finding that side of me again.

When it comes to talking about myself, I am not very good at it. Reason why is that I don’t even know who I am. What I can tell you is that I love art. Creating something makes me happy. It is my go-to thing when I need to clear my head, or when I am nervous. Basically with every emotion. Lately I am trying to improve my writing. Because I think knowing how to but things in words is the most amazing thing one can do.

For the few months I have been into health and getting myself into shape. Trying to have better foods and cutting those junky, unhealthy things. And I have realized that I need to take things into my own hands. Which means doing things I have always wanted but never had the chance or time or even courage. You can find those things in my Bucket List page.

I have also passion for photography. I have made a different blog with my photos but I am trying to add those photos in here as well. So keeping everything in one place.


If you want to contact me just email me – sirlisarapuu@gmail.com




7 Replies to “About”

  1. Lovely photos, Sirli.
    It is commendable that you’re trying to find yourself. Too many people go through life just trying to fit in, pretending to be something else.
    Good luck, from one journeyer to another.

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