Blue hair


So I may have accidentally colored my hair blue. I thought I bought a conditioner which gives this silver tone to my hair but it actually made them look really blue. At least now I know that if I feel like I want some crazy hair I can use it again.

It does wash out in like 6 – 8 washes. Believe me, it looked better on photos than in real life.


It has been a while since I had a normal run outdoors. I usually for some reason run on a treadmill and every now and then participate in a running event with thousands of people.

This time me and my friend just went out and ran. We are both slightly out of shape when it comes to running. We are more strength and in my case, weights.

In August I have this 10 km run and I really want to get better by this time. Also I want to set some other goals for the fall, like I want to be able to to pull-ups and proper push-up.


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