I have somehow managed to get sick. Yesterday I felt quite bad and I skipped my workout. Today I really wanted to go, so I did. I now I should sleep and all, but me and some of my workout buddies have this challenge where in May we can only have 4 days without workout. I do not want to use them all now. But if I feel too sick I will. Like with today, I decided that I will only do as much as I can, not going to push myself too hard or if I would have felt too weak I would have left.

I did okay. Luckily soon it’s weekend and I can sleep as long as I want and do not have to do anything. Beside tattooing. I have already done quite few of them and I cannot wait to tattoo one of my designs to someone.

I am even thinking about maybe doing some videos about all that, but haven’t decided anything yet.


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