Still lazy


I am still lazy when it comes to writing this blog. Do not know why, I really like it. Anyway I am trying to workout quite often, eat healthy and so on. Mostly things will go as planned. Not today, as I felt like eating some junk. Kinda have to some days.

Did my workout and now in bed behind a screen again. Not like I haven’t done that enough today (I work in the office answering emails). My eyes will hate me soon.

Anyway it does kind of feel like spring and next week I have a short holiday kind of, 10 days off. I really need a some rest time, just to get everything up to date. Blogging, photography, art. Feel like I haven’t had the time or the energy to do these things lately. Even tho they are the best.

I will try to work on this piece some more now….IMG_0439


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