International Women’s day

I have decided to get my eating under control. I got this app, where you can write down what and how much You eat and it shows the calories. It will also show the total amount and how much You can still consume.

I got the idea from my co-worker. She got it and told me about how it works. Got it for myself yesterday, and I took one day to see how much I have consumed so far, without any restrictions. I ate how I normally have been eating. The results were kind of surprising. Did not think it was that much.

Since I workout a lot, I do not want to eat back all the calories. I want to get lean. So I will give it a go. Keeping an eye on everything.


Discovered this new sports drink. it was developed by Vitamin well and Ibrahimovic. It has BCAA and Glutamine in it. I like it.

Today was a good day ( wish I could ad a video at the end of this post put I can’t)


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