I had one really interesting sunday. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos (did post on snapchat, but didn’t save them). But it started with a brunch with my friend. It was soooooo good. Estonian food, all you can eat basically. So you know I ate a lot. Those pancakes. I could eat them all day every day.


We chilled around two hours before heading to the gym. Now I’m home and maybe will to some body weight exercises before dinner. I realized that I worked out 5 times this week. My eating wasn’t as good as one would hope, but it was okay.

I got this app that is really good if I sometimes do not feel like working out at the gym. It has these body weight exercises. Today I’m feeling some muscles I haven’t felt in ages. I realized I should add more of these to my usual routine. Like I am too weak to even to a proper push up. And one of my goals is to do a pull up. I have a long way to go.

My goals for next week is to also work out 5 times, try to eat healthy and make that bloody phone call already. ( the tattoo one). How oblivious can someone be? Like one of my dreams literally is in my hands and I can’t remember to even pick up my phone.



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