Interesting night.

So, I finally found some time to write something.

on 14th we had our staff party. Which I had been waiting for a while now. But it kind of went not as expected.

I was working before the party, so I was getting ready after work and headed with a taxi to the venue where the party was. I got to the cloakroom and realised my phone was missing so instead of enjoying the party I had to figure out where it was. Called the taxi company, as I was sure i left it in the taxi. It took probably 3 calls and 2 hours, but they told me that the phone wasn’t in the car. Taxi driver had looked everywhere for it.

My next thought was that probably it fell on the ground somewhere ( I remembered having it in the taxi). I figured I’d ask the venues reception and it was there. For a second I felt relief. Then I realised it wasn’t working. Nothing worked. I was quite angry.

Next day I went to buy a new phone. Now I can use all the apps I wasn’t able to use as my last phone didn’t let me update anything or download new apps. Didn’t have enough room, even tho I had deleted most of the stuff from my phone.


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