Last fiew days.

The last fiew days have been quite bad. I woke up on wednesday with a swollen cheek. Well actually I didn’t actually wake up, since I couldn’t sleep that night at all. My tooth ached all night. When I usually wake up at 5, when I have my morning shift. That night I got out of bed around 4:30.

That day sucked. Since my tooth was in pain and half of my face swollen, I couldn’t eat normal breakfast. Just had tea. Rest of that day was the same, only thing I could eat was yogurt.

Yesterday was the same, almost. I went to see my dentist. OMG that pain. When I described what was wrong and she had seen it herself, it was time to fix it. She told me that since it is swollen, giving me a shot (painkiller) was going to hurt a lot more than fixing it without one.

And then more pain. When she was finished, almost an hour later, It was still aching like a bitch (the tooth, and sorry for my language).

But I did get two christmas presents already. Still packed. I am waiting until christmas. At the moment they are in my room just staring at me and making me think of what might be in them.



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