How it all began.

It was summer of 06, I think. It might have been 05. I was sunbathing outside. Since it was quite boring I decided to get some paper and a pencil. To do some drawing. So I got them and while laying in the sun drew a snake. It is one of the easiest things, but after that one snake I couldn’t draw a new one. I wanted something different. That’s when I went and got these books of sorts. It had different animals in them and where they can be found and so on. I have some of those pictures, but I didn’t date them then.

IMG_4529IMG_4530 IMG_4532

After that I thought I should focus on birds and bugs, because, well, they are a lot easier to draw than animals. And after doing some just pencil sketches, I wanted to do color.

IMG_4531 IMG_4533

….and after some more practice….

IMG_4535 IMG_4536

Sometimes I think I should have taken more time to practice and just sketch. I would be so much better at all this. But there is nothing I can do now. So that is why I try to draw as much as I can now. Because, you know practice makes perfect.  To finnish this I will show you my almost finished garden roses. Made them blue just because I could.



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