Functional Body

I’ve been going to the gym for a while now. And it has starting to become slightly boring. You know, doing the same workout routine every time. Of course I need something different. So I was looking at some group training sessions. Asked a friend of mine to join and she did. So when we were choosing which one we should try first, I wanted to do something a it harder. I was thinking that I have been hitting the gym and seen some improvements.

But my friend chose a workout for beginners. So we both did that. And quess what,.. I was dead just fifteen minutes in. Like I couldn’t do all the exercises. My friend did everything and I just couldn’t. I felt SO out of shape.

That workout was yesterday and you may imagine how I feel today.

I can barely move. Everything hurts. But you know what, I actually like that. I haven’t felt like that for some time now. I think I just got to comfortable with my routine and my body got use to it.

Next time we will try yoga. Can’t wait to feel the muscles I haven’t even known to exist again.

No pain, no gain right?!



4 Replies to “Functional Body”

  1. I totally understand how you feel. I’m on and off with yoga. On it for 2 weeks stop a month back again a month. Everytime I return the next 2 days after returning feels like I jumped off a building!

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