Black cat

I am SO tired right now. It was my 3rd day in a row, which isn’t the reason of my tiredness. The fact that I got home eleven in the evening yesterday (I was working) and had to wake up at 5 in the morning to go to work again. So 6 hours of sleep isn’t clearly enough.

Now I am trying to keep myself awake so that I would fall a sleep right away when I go to bed, and would get my eight hours. Tomorrow is my fourth day at work and I am so not the morning person (at least the type who can wake up at five)


To keep myself awake, I decided to start painting that black panther I drew on the canvas the other day. I have to wait for that black paint to try so that I an start adding other colors.


I was planning do go to the gym on tuesday, but might not go since it is my only day off in a week. So I would probably do some body weight workout and start finishing my paintings. So I can start with new ones.


That reminds me – I need to buy new canvases. I have used all the ones I bought last time.


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