Night out

Yesterday was a good night for me. I went out with my friend and her friends. Since most of them don’t know Tallinn and haven’t been to most places, we ended up going to this club. The only time I have been there didn’t leave me with good memories. (neither did this time)

There were eight of us. All girls. And the club we went (the name is Hollywood) is the type of place where young girls dance and older, foreign men drink alcohol and watch. And when they get drunk enough they start creeping up to whoever caught their eye. It is the weirdest thin I have seen. This old guy goes behind this girl and just starts dancing, the girl doesn’t even know.

The night was quite fun. I was out with completely different crowd than I usually go out with. They seemed friendly and very cool people. Most of them are in uni to become a doctor. So I heard that they basically work hard and play harder.

It really did seem like that.


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