Memories vol 2

The first person I actually started hanging more was this finnish girl and her roommates. First estonian I met was Kadi. We met in front of our student hall. She was with her roommate and well Ithought she looked familiar and she later told me that, when she saw me she though I looked like estonian (if I remember correctly). Anyway, at first we talked introduced ourselves in english, told our name and where we’re from. Well since we were both estonian we switched to estonian.

If I remember correctly the next fiew days went by just hanging around.

So I have been in Birmingham over a week now. I have had a lot of fun. Got a lot of new acquaintances, most of whom are estonian. But of course there have been others too.

Yesterday we were sitting in Kadi’s flat. Just talking and her roommates started doing zumba. So this british guy game knocking on the door. He had seen us from his window (he and other guys were drinking) So we invited him in and then he started doing zumba too. But he dressed down to his boxers. We had a lot of fun. I’m sure he doesn’t rememer any of it.

We had a fire trill two times already. First time was when me, Kadi and Renee arrived at the dorm, When we wanted to go in, the staff informed us that the fire alarm will go on in any minute, so we decided to wait outside. We just ended up watching others running out. Some were really angry. The second drill was because someone had left their shower door open while showering. And the hot steam made the alarm to go on. I had a skype call with my dad when it happened so my dad heard the alarm too.

We headed to the market to get some fresh foods and stuff.

this was taken on our first big night out, I look really weird and stuff, but who cares 😉

We also had our indutuon week. So that’s when I met Mare-li and some other estonians. One of the precentations was about or student guild. The president gave the presentation, talking about everything the guild does. For some reason I wanted to be a part of it. So after the presentation I went up to him and asked about the international officer position. It seemed like something I would like. And I’m happy that I actually went up to him and not just leave it. 


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