The gym – things I don’t like that much

As some of you might remember, I wrote about the positive sides of the gym (the gym – things I love). After some thought I decided to post about the things that I don’t like in the gym.

These are the things that slightly irritates me:

  1. When people don’t clean after themselves. The first times I didn’t do it, because I didn’t know it was something I had to do. But when I saw that a guy cleaning after himself I realised that it was something pretty obvious. So now I wipe down everything I use. But when someone doesn’t,…I mean does that person want to workout in a strangers sweat.
  2. When people leave stuff lying around. It really isn’t that hard to put stuff back where you took them.
  3. When girls come to the gym with makeup. That’s just something I don’t get. Like I see women goming to the gym wearing makeup. Like the kind of makeup it would take atleast 30 minutes to do. And they go to workout with the same makeup. I have to have a clean face, because, well, I sweat and running makeup isn’t something I want.
  4. Taking pictures in the gym. Okey I get that you sometimes take a photo, but having a full on photoshoot with yourself almost every time you get to the gym…..? What’s the point?
  5. Those girls who come to the gym with a group and actually don’t workout, but just stand around and talk.
  6. Since I work at the gym, I use the same place to workout (because it is cheap for me). So every once in a while I have this thing where some client (who knows I work there) gomes up to me and tells me that something doesn’t work or complain about something. I mean I get it, I work there, but when I workout then obviously I am not working. So why aren’t you talking to the person who is working? Just let me workout!

Those were the things I have been noticing the most lately.


3 Replies to “The gym – things I don’t like that much”

  1. I agree with everything on this list….I don’t understand why putting on a face before hitting the gym is so important to these girls.

    One other thing I personally can’t stand is people whom claim a machine as if it’s not a communal piece of equipment. This one time I walked up to an empty squat rack but saw a water bottle on the ground near it. Someone must have forgot it, I thought. The second I start deloading the plates this girl comes sprinting over from the treadmills and says that she’s still using this. Really? ?? She was doing a set of squats and then in between sets she ran for a minute or two. Mind you, this was a big gym, the two were on opposite ends of the building. I just kept my mouth shut and moved on…

    1. yeah, that IS really annoying. In these situations I have two things in my mind: 1 – have they heard of this thing called sharing. like it is possible to take turns. 2 – they must be an only child, used to get what they want (or in this case use the gym like it’s their own)

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