Lovin the pain

Years ago I would have laughed really hard if someone told me I would actually workout willingly. In school I hated it. Maybe because in school we got grades for that. Like if you didn’t jump high enough or run fas enough you failed.

Which I still find to be really stupid thing to do. It’s not my fault that I’m not that athletic. So why was I graded by the same standards.

The same issue was with art classes and music. Some people weren’t as good with painting as others.

You can’t judge everyone by the same standards. You just can’t!

Anyway, recently (I’m sure I have mentioned it once or twice) have noticed that I actually like that muscle pain you get after a good workout.


3 Replies to “Lovin the pain”

  1. In Norway a huge part of your gym grade is how much effort you put in! So as long as you always try your hardest and have a little bit of skill or understanding of the topic, you´ll get a good grade 🙂

    1. I sucked at PE, I’m more of a artsy person so I hated running and I always got like a bad grade. So in estonia if you get marked with 2 you have failed and 5 was the best mark,I always got a 3. Since the teacher didn’t really want to fail me but she thought I wasn’t worthy of a 5 even though I did try really hard.

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