One of the most known blogger in Estonia had her wedding this week. And I just saw her post about the reaction some people had. Let’s just say what people wrote wasn’t nice.

I do get that when you put yourself out there you will get some negative feedback. But I don’t get why someone has to write such bad things. Like what in the hell do you get from it? Do you get somekind of satisfaction out of it? If you do, then please find help, you need it. I don’t read this things myself because I just don’t understand why.

The way I see it, haters gonna hate. And I think why some people feel the need to make others feel bad is that they envy that person. With this estonian blogger, as far as I know she has one of the most known blogs in estonia. It really does look like she works hard on her blog and she knows how to write. Not everyone can be so good with it.


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