Kurt Cobain

I watched this movie about Kurt Cobain fiew days ago. As you may have noticed, I love rock music and that includes Nirvana. I was always kinda disappointed that He took his own life. Why? Because I was (still am) sure that he would have created amazing songs. The type of songs that could have become an anthem or could have been the best songs of that time.

After watching that movie, I slightly understand why he did it. The childhood he had really seemed to fuck him up. All that thing with his dad. And mom. I know I would be a mess after a childhood like that. And I think that if he would have had a different wife he might still be alive.

From that movie it seemed that Courtney didn’t really help with that drug issue. I feel like she made it worse. But then again we will never know.

I kinda wish I would have been born earlier so that I would have the chance to meet him. (By that I mean that we would have been on this earth at the same time. Thus a chance to meet him)

Overall I think it was a really good movie. We got to know more about him and understand a pit.

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