The gym – things I love

I just finished reading this post and I thought it was a really good post. I thought it would be interesting to write my own list.

Things that give me good emotions.

  1. Realising that I am stronger than I thought. I actually thought I have no muscles and no stamina. When I got to the gym and started working out I realised I am stronger.
  2. Being alone in the gym. I go to this small gym and I try to workout on times when I know there will not be a lot of people there. I should know the perfect time – I work there too.
  3. When you can actually feel stronger than the last time. For example: I do situps and when I started I ould only do like 20 of them and now I could do 40. The same with running and all these other things.
  4. Finishing a good workout. Nothing makes me happier when I know I have pushed myself and did all the things I planned.
  5. That Burn. You know the one. When I get up the next day and my legs or stomack or arms or butt hurt. I know I did good the day before.
  6. Finding cheap but nice workout clothes. I don’t know why but I feel like I an’t get enough of them. Whenever I go to a store, the first thing I check is their fitness clothing. (my ultimate goal – getting those nike pro shorts and look good wearing them)
  7. Having the perfect soundtrack for cardio. I have my mp3 with me whenever I workout. I need the music. Sometimes my running is disturbed by always changing songs. But every once in a while, I get songs in this perfect order.

These are the things I could thing of at the moment. Might add some later.



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