The past two weeks have gone by with constant pain in the muscles. Nothing too bad. I just have been working out and doing exercises for different areas. It started with me working on my butt. I used this youtube video and it wasn’t too long. But the next three days I had pain in my butt muscles. (kinda weird and funny right?)

After that I did my hands. I did this Tracy Anderson routine. The next three days I couldn’t lift my hands. My hands were weak and muscles hurt.

Then I did her abs routine. Next three days my side muscles hurt. I didn’t even know I had muscles there or that they can hurt like that.

After that I did another abs workout and now my stomack muscles hurt. Does that mean that these exercises work and if I continue doing them I get a sixpack or something? Because that would be great.

Another thing I’ve noticed about me, whenever I finish a workout I instantly look in the mirror. As if the results can be seen right away.


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