Untitled dream I had

I woke up in a place I didn’t recognize. The memories of last nights was gone. I got these faded images, but when I tried to make sence of them, they left my mind. Leaving a headache to replace them.

At one point I realised I was holding a gun. This was the last thing I’d expected to find. 

What the hell happened last night? What did I do? 

I was about to leave. Should I take the gun with me or should I leave it behind? I wasn’t sure what to do. Lack of memory was the worst thing that I could be facing in this situation.

Okey, think. If I hurt someone, should I take the gun with me. I should, right. That would make sence. 

I put the gun in my bag, which was next to the couch I was sleeping on. 

While I was happy to find the door out of this hell hole, I couldn’t move. What in the hell am I going to do with this bloody gun. I had two options: go to the police or get rid of it. Can’t just walk around the city with a gun in my bag. 

I must hide it. 

Right now, I must get out of here and figure out where am I.

Stepped out of the building. It was somekind of an abandoned building. That doesn’t make sence, I wouldn’t go near a place like this, even if I was blackout drunk. 

I tried to read the street signs. Did I really got so wasted I forgot how to read. I didn’t understand a word on them. 

Panic was about to set in. 

I need to find a place to sit down and try to figure this out. 


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