Old songs

Have you ever listened an old playlist, and when you heard a song you used to love, think how in the hell I ever liked this song? Have you ever thought how the hell did I forget about this song, it’s absolutelly amazing?

The second thing happend to me today. I was on my way to work. Listening to music while sitting on the bus. And I heard a song. It’s not really an old song. But it has been months since I last heard it.

I actually slept in today. Again. I kept waking up in the middle of the night. My alarm was set on 4:40. So I could get ready and eat. Without rushing things. My bus left at 5:31. I remember checking the time around 4:20. Thought that I have 20 minutes left to sleep. At one point I woke up again, looked at the phone and it was 4:47. Not so bad right.

But when I tried to do anything with my phone I realised it had frozen again. Quick restart later I realised the time was actually 5:02.

I did managed to get to the bus on time. And the sliver lining with this event was – I now know I can get ready in 20 minutes in the morning. Including the eating part.


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