I miss……

I really miss summer. You know – the kind of summer where you can hang out in a beach and party. Not having to worry about work and all that stuff. That everyday shit.

I also miss that new place feeling. I love traveling but haven’t had the chance to go on a trip since I have no money for it and noone to go with me. I might be willing to go on my own, but then I need a bit more money just to be safe.

I really hope this year I get to go to the beach at least once. Stay there for the day and just chill and soak up the sunshine.

I really should try to be more in control with my spendings so that I could save enough money to maybe travel somewhere nice. I have had this hope that soon I could go to either australia or canada. Don’t know why. Or even what I would do there. But at the moment I feel a pit like I have been in this place too long. I need something new.

I miss that nervous feeling I get when I have made a big decision and things are happening. The feeling I got when I moved to UK or when I traveled on my own from Grete to Estonia. Even when I got my tattoo or bought that skydivig thing. I made this decision that I will do something and I did. Haven’t done that skydiving thing yet, but I am waiting for that sunny warm day to go.

I miss having certain people who I knew I could trust. The ones I met in UK. It is strange how people in a different country keep together. Especially when they are from the same country. How they have something similar that connects them. In here, home, I find it really hard to find people who I could trust and well…at the moment I don’t trust anyone, just to be safe.

Okey this post was meant to be about how I miss summer and all that, but then this kinda came out


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