Weird Dreams

The past fiew days I have had these really weird dreams. One of them was about alien invasion. Me and my family were trying to escape. So pasically the whole dream was about us running around the house packing things and chasing animals. There were some weird parts too, like our 4 pets all went to the pack of the car. In real life they wouldn’t fit.

Another dream I had was about this party. We (me and my brother) had a housewarming party and there were a lot of people we didn’t know. So I waited for them to fall a sleep and then I started dragging them out the door. Using their hair. HAIR. That was a big what the fuck moment when I woke up.

Today I was afraid to sleep in. My phones battery was about to die and I didn’t have my charger. So in my dream I went to sleep, before falling a sleep I checked the time. So then I woke up, actually woke up, checked the time. It was 5 in the morning, went back to sleep and then woke up in my dream and it was almost nine. And in my dream I freaked out. I had slept in. And even though I had like six hours before work I panic, running around the flat, washing my teeth and all.

Then I woke up for real. I had a plan to go workout in the morning, before work, I think I’m not going, since I slept quite bad. I was afraid that I would sleep in. So I am quite low on energy at the moment.


3 Replies to “Weird Dreams”

  1. Dreams…
    I had a weird dream the other nite that my teeth were hurting. When I woke up and had a major headache I realized that somehow I had broken 1 of my front teeth :O
    It’s still there, and doesn’t hurt anymore, but is a little loose. Have to get to the dentist asap. Wtf

  2. Hahahaa, omg, I laughed so hard due to that party dream. Waiting people to fall asleep so you can drag them out. Nice job Sirli´s subconsciousness!

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