Customer service

Working at the customer service area. I have realised there are different types of clients. And the client is not always right.

For me, the worst type of client is the one who comes thinks the staff should stay longer so that they can finish whatever they came to do. For example: I worked at the clothing store and the shp closed at 7, every now and then there were these people, who came in 10 minutes before closing and stayed there 10- 20 minutes after we were meant to close.

If someone told them that we were closing, they just said “I know” but they still kept looking around, and they left without buying anything. I do get that if you really need something (maybe your pants broke or you need a white shirt for work or something like that) I get it. But these people, the ones who really need something, they will get in and out really fast.

Another example took place quite recently. I work at a fitness centre and there was this guy, who knew we were closing 22:00, stayed a lot longer. He was here until 22:20 or something like that.

I mean who does that, it actually feels like they don’t think we are humans and maybe they think we are here to serve them. So if they want to walk through a clothing store after it is closed or stay longer to workout, we have to let them.

Some people are even so arrogant that they treat us like we are not in the same level as them. Like we are stupid and can’t get a better job and therefore they can behave like they want.

The reason why I am working in customer service is that most companies don’t hire people like me. Young people, with no experience. Some work in that area because they are going to uni and these jobs have a flexible schedule. Therefore they can manage their studies and work at the same time.

When I have a customer like that, I like to think to myself, karma is a bitch , and that makes me smile to the customer and not yell or flip them off


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