Vigilantes and horror movies

So, I was watching this movie called John Doe Vigilante. And you may know I also watch tv shows like the arrow and the flash. Watching these things made me think about that vigilante thing.

What kind of a vigilante would I be. Would I get a weird costume and get a funny name like the Arrow or the Flash. They have that I-am-not-a-real-person feeling about them. Which they are, but they have also these super speed or mad archery skills.

Or would I be more like the guy in that movie? Just wearing a mask to hide his identity (which they all do) but everything else is more real. Everything is more simple.

I don’t know if that even makes sense. What I am trying to say with that. But for me these are two types of vigilantes.

You know what, I wish that I could play in a movie/tv show with a vigilante and I wish I could be the hero (I’m weird right)

I have noticed this thing about horror movies. Every other movie is about a young group of friends, who are going to traveling to somewhere, or taking a weekend off together (you get my point, hopefully). Anyway their holiday ends up being a horror story. I really don’t like these movies anymore. There have been so many and I have seen a lot of them.

I don’t even know why I wrote a post like that


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