What a weird day

Yesterday was one of the weirdest days I have had in ages. I was working and the morning was quiet and chill. But then all sorts of things happened.

As I have mentioned it before, I work at this health center in a hotel. There is a gym, pool, saunas and there is a chance to get a massage. Anyway, yesterday this woman came and told me that she had a booking. The problem was that the masseur didn’t know that. I called her and she said that she wasn’t aware of any bookings before two. It did got solved quite fast luckly.

Then our roomservice didn’t move quite fast enough for some clients. Usually, when we have a private sauna booking, the foods that they order gets to the saunas fiew minutes before their saunas starts. Yesterday this woman came and asked me where her foods were. When I told her that it takes some time for the food to get there (she was early for her booking)

Then there were these two guys. The seemed okey to let them in. (well they looked like they had a long night. So they wanted to go to the saunas. At some point, when I was dealing with customers, I saw one of them standing outside the mans lockerroom. (the swimming pool door is next to it). He came and stood near my reception area. Standing there he asked me if I could let him to the pool (he left his card in the lockerroom and you need that card to get in to the lockerroom and the pool) That’s when I saw he was naked, had nothing on. I told him that he needs to wear some swimming clothes and that swimming naked is not allowed (there are children swimming in the same pool) Luckly he listend, but still,  that was pretty weird and not what I thought I would see on saturday morning.

The rest of the shift was quite easy. I got a free smoothie and the same guy gave me  euros.

On my way home I saw one of my former classmates. Which was weird, since we didn’t get a long when we went to school. She saw me and came to say hello and see how I was.

It truly was one of the weirdest days lately.


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