Why in English?

That’s is actually quite simple – I’m afraid to write in estonian. I have always had issues with estonian. When I started school (ages ago) I had some issues with spelling so I saw a speach therapist (more like a writing therapist). When I got older I got better in math, physics and chemistry. I was even good in English. But when it gomes to estonian, I suck.

It should be the other way around. I should be able to write in estonian and be good. I blame it on the time I spent living in UK. For two years all the writing I did was in english. I really liked it – speaking the language and writing it. With that I also would like to point out that I do make mistakes in spelling. Quite often if I might add.

Even now, year and a half later, I still find it easier and quite often I find myself even thinking in english. Weird right?!


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