My first ever japanese style dragon ( I think).DSC_1467


3 Replies to “Dragon”

  1. It really is beautiful!
    My only thing is that I’m a Kung Fu master (Kung fu is chinese) and you did a Japanese dragon(at least that’s what you called it) There’s really not much difference except that chinese dragons usually have 5 toes and are friendlier to humans. And dragons originated in China.
    For some reason the first thing that came to mind is how awesome it would be on a piece of cloth(idk maybe the texture of your paper in the picture made me think of that.)

    Either way, I love it!
    Email me if you are interested in selling. kungfuofaustin@gmail.com

    1. I might make a chinese dragon too (wasn’t sure that there even is chinese one)
      I was thinking aout making a fabric bag I donΓ΅t know if you have those in the states. But in here people use them a lot for shoping and stuff.
      I will make a new dragon and then email you πŸ˜€

      1. You do not have to make another dragon just for me! I was just wanting you to know there is chinese too. And you’re so awesome I can’t help but to do what I can to get you to just make more of your art in general.

        This one is really good and even has the feel of Japanese artwork. The colors and flowers etc. I think it would fit in perfectly to the genre of Japanese tattoos.

        Chinese dragons tend to have more colors, and brighter colors. They are benevolent creatures, wanting to do good. But are fierce and all supreme if messed with.

        Yes, we have fabric bags here for shopping etc.

        I am sure that if you do make a chinese one though that I will not be too heartbroken;)

        Regardless, yes email me so we can figure out how I can get some your art hanging on my walls. I feel like I’m dominating your blog and don’t want to do that.

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