Based on a true story.

Recently I watched another movie which was based on a true story. That gave me an idea. So, here are 3 top movies and what they thought me.

1.Soul Surfer

This is a movie about this young girl. Surfer. She is really good and competed with others. One time she went surfing with her friend and friends dad. While surfing a shark bit her hand of. This movie is about how she gets back and learn how to surf again.

I learned that whatever life puts on your way, you can’t let these things break you. You have to keep fighting.

2. Chasing Mavericks

This is a movie about this kid, who has this dream. He wants to surf on one of the biggest waves on earth. So, he gets help from the local legend, who teaches him how to survive them (the waves)

You have to work for your dream. They will not gome true if you sit home and wait. It takes a lot of hard work to make them happen. But in the end it will pay off.


Movie is about this 30 year old guy, who gets a chance to play for the local footall club,

This is a good example how your age isn’t an issue. Doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always go for your dreams.

I would recommend these movies to everyone.  If you have a favourite movie, that is based on a true story, let me know.


One Reply to “Based on a true story.”

  1. But sometimes our dreams just feel so freaking far away! I also think that every person CAN be a fighter, sometimes it just feels so difficult to put your fists up high and fight for your dreams.

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