Traveling the world

If I could do anything I ever wanted, without thinking about money and everything else. I would back my things and go traveling. I would travel the world. See all these amazing places I have only seen on pictures. I found this awesome blog

This girl has done everything I want to do. Such an awesome blog and I love these pictures. Hopefully I can write these type of stories and take these pictures myself.

When it gomes to traveling I have only really seen fiew places. UK, Austria and Crete. I have been on many countries, but truly seen these two. Those others (finland, sweden, latvia, poland, lithuania, denmark) I have really been to these countries less than a day. So I can’t really consider them as countries I have been to.

But hopefully soon I get to really see them.



One Reply to “Traveling the world”

  1. Well, you always have to start somewhere. If you really love travel, you’ll be able to see all these places. There is so much to see in the world, take every chance you got and you’ll enjoy something more than just amazing 🙂

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