First of all, sorry for not posting anything for the past fiew days. I am staying with my friend on the days I have to work. Getting back to the work rythm is quite hard especially when you go from falling a sleep 5 in the morning to getting up at 4:40 so I could go to work.

After 8 hours of work i’m usually so tired that I doze off on the train.

Anyway, fiew weeks ago I decided to go to the dentist, because my teeth hurt. The first available time was 15th feb.

So I went yesterday. And yes, I still hate dentists. They don’t do anything major but the money they want for that is huge. I had to pay 80 euros yesterday. I mean think about it – an awerage estonian makes maybe 400 euros per month. So, if you want a place to live and eat you can’t really afford dentists.

Now half of my face hurts, STILL. At least I got one of my tooth fixed. So hopefully it was worth it.


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