New way of traveling

Fiew years ago I started hearing about this couchsurfing thing. Quite a lot of my friends had traveled using couchsurfing. At first I didn’t know what it was, but then someone explained this to me.

Using this website couchsurfing,(there are many websites) you make an account, log in and then start surfing. Basically people, from different countries, open their homes for travelers. If they have a empty room or a couch someone can sleep on, they put up, well, lets call it an notification (can’t think of a better word).

So, if I wanted to travel to Spain and don’t have much money, I can go to this website, see the available places and then send them a letter that I would like to us their couch. If everything works out, I have a nice place to stay. (my descrition isn’t the best)

I was surfing the web yesterday and found this new thing. House sitting. Some of you may even know it. It is for those people with pets, who are going on a holiday and they need someone to look after their pets.

Using this wesite –

It seems like an awesome way to travel, all you have to do is look after a cat or two and enjoy your stay. But to be honest I don’t know anyone who has actually used it.

So if you do or have used it yourself, let me know.


8 Replies to “New way of traveling”

  1. Hi Sirli, I’ve done the couchsurfing many times and it usually turns out well. Of course you have to be willing to put up with whatever your host has going on at their place while you’re staying there. And it seems like many people who host also like to party a lot. So if your wanting to look for a job or get good sleep while visiting a place, this might not be the best idea.

    Have never done the housesitting, but that might be a better way to go if you’re wanting more privacy and freedom to do what you want while there.

    If you ever want to visit Austin, Texas(live music Capitol of the world!) and need a place to stay, let me know. You’re more than welcome to surf my couch

      1. Once you get here you can get by relatively cheap, especially if you have friends to stay with:D

        Do you have ideas of where you would want to visit in the US?

        Also I’ve been wondering if you ever sell any of your artwork?

      2. well, I have so many places I want to visit, and I want to watch NBA game and american football game. I think I should make a list sometimes.(maybe I will make a post soon)

        I will, if anyone ever wants to buy some. I have sold one fiew months ago 😀

      3. well, they are in different sizes. The tiger is quite small. I hadn’t done any animals for a while and wanted to do something easier. I have to get back to you on that (the sizes)
        Yes, haven’t had the time tho, might start sketching things up soon 😀

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