Watercolors – back to basics, almost.

As some of you may remember I bought myself some watercolors. I even did this painting which I named “swallows”. I decided that before starting a new one (doesn’t matter if it’ll be made with water or oil colors or acrylic ones) I wanted to do some practicing. Making smaller paintings.

DSC_1424This one looks way better in reallife. The light wasn’t good when I took the photo and I really don’t feel like taking a new one. Anyway I learned how to draw this really simple owl ages ago. I didn’t know what else to do so I painted some cornflowers.

vvroosThis one is just a rose. The first, as you can see, is just a sketch. The second has the same rose on it with watercolors. With this one I just wanted to test how real can I make it look. Well, there are fiew parts I’m pretty happy with and then there are parts I wish turned out better. But since these are my first tries, I don’t mind. Just need more practice.

And finally, I found this picture I made some time ago. And I really like it, so I wanted to show you. It has roses on it. Again. It’s because flowers are the easiest things to draw and practice on.

DSC_1425When I first started drawing, I started with flowers, then bugs, then birds and finally animals. I haven’t really tried drawing people that much. I just think I need to know everything else before.

Hope you like it.




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