New Year Resolutions

When a year is ending and a new one is getting closer, a lot of us think about what we want to achieve. And we make new year resolutions. I think the most common is the one where you promise to start going to the gym. Or being more healthy.

But these promises usually doesn’t last that long. Like with the gym one, I don’t think that will last longer then fiew months. You just forget your promise and thats about it.

In some ways it sounds weird. You make a resolution and now you need to start fallowing it. You may keep it to yourself, which makes it easier when you, for example, stop going to the gym. But when you tell others, thats when it gets annoying. People start asking you aout how it’s going and all.

I think the only resolution that I managed to follow, for longer than a year, was one that I made fiew years ago. I was looking for something to wear to this event. Can’t rememer what event, but I realised that half of the clothes I own were black. So I told myself that starting from 1st of January I will not buy myself anymore lack clothes.

And I think I didn’t tell anyone for some time. And if I think about it now I think keeping it a secret for fiew months made it work better. I didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Now I’m back with black. I just like the colour and I thought that if I want to get a black dress, I will get that black dress. But I do get more colorful clothes too.

I think that if you want to change anything you should do it right now.

What’s your view on new years resolutions? 


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