The year 2014

Christmas is almost over and new years is getting closer. Most of us are starting to think about our year. What went right and waht went wrong. All those ups and downs. Some of us, like me, had an average year. There wasn’t anything special happening.

I started my year with a new job. Working in a second hand clothing store. When spring arrived I decided that I wanted to become a film director. So I started to work on my portfolio. And got myself a camera so I could take photos. Started working out.(didn’t last long)

I also got my first tattoo, bought my skydiving giftcard. Which I was planning to use this summer, but since the weather was not good on my days off, I had to postpone this to next summer. I left my job and started looking for a new one.

There isn’t anything else, I could think of, to bring out.


I almost forgot one thing, I started a blog. Not sure why. But I wanted to write things and share them, wanted to know what people thought about them. My writings, my photos, my art.

10551046_10152486787996166_2227568417204069144_nThe year I had made me think that maybe next year will be busier. Maybe that’s why this year has been so average.

How was your year?



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