We had our christmas dinner and got out gifts. The day was filled with cooking. Starting with my salty muffins and gingerbread. To be honest, I’m the type of person who can cook and decorate gingerbread, but I don’t like them, to eat I mean. I don’t like their taste.IMG_8898 IMG_8904

But the aking is fun. We had our awesome christmas tree and our gifts under it. All these gifts were practical. Since most of us didn’t want anything. I quess we are growing up.

I do think the animals do not get all that fuzz, for them it is like any other day. There is some fireworks.
IMG_8968It’s funny how the meaning of christmas changes as you become an adult. I remember how I used to e so exited, couldn’t wait what santa was going to give me.

After I realised santa wasn’t real, I wanted to catch my parents smuggling in gifts. I knew they put those gifts under the tree. Now there is no special feeling.



One Reply to “Christmas”

  1. There is actually! A special feeling! I mean, I had a lot of fun with you and the rest of our family. Christmas feeling for me now is the fun and jokes and gingerbreads and the awesome tree in the living room. But I know that the extremely magical thing about Christmas was lost when we found out that Santa is not THAT real (He actually exist in Northern Finland), but special feeling (another special feeling) took the old ones place.

    Merry Christmas, little sister! πŸ™‚

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