DIY – giftbox

I mentioned earler that I will post a tutorial on how to make a gift box, so better late than never.

karp1What you need :

scissors, old christmas cards, ruller, clue, pencil and hairpins (I used those).

Anyway, I had those twosided cards, So I cut it in half. On one of the sides I measured 10 cm, to make a square.

IMG_8618I cut that square out and now made a grid. The middle row is 4 cm x 4 cm and the sides are 3 cm x 3 cm

IMG_8619Then I do some cutting  As you can see on the following picture. After cutting I fold by those lines.

IMG_8620After that all that is left is clue. I use these hairpins to hold the places I clued together while the clue drys.

IMG_8621You need to make two of those to get a box. But I think it is quite easy to make (my first ever tutorial is not the best but hey, who cares)






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