Work on canvas

I’m the type of person who starts several projects at the same time. It is mostly seen with my paintings. Like at the moment I have two unfinished pieces. But there has een times when I had four of them. I need the diversity.

When I really work on a painting, it takes me days to finish one. And there is a point where I get annoyed. I need something else. So I start a new one. And usually I work on them in turns.

But when I finaly finish a painting and look at it, most of the time I think I should have done something completely different. I will find parts I want to redo. But the way I see it is when I was working on that certain painting, thats what I felt like should be on that canvas.

No point on dwelling on that too long. I just start a new one. I will trust my instincts.

DSC_1272This is one of my unfinished paintings. I am planning to finish it in the next fiew days. Hopefully I can do it.



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