Yesterday I was watching this video. A woman was telling the 2015 horoscope for geminis. It was quite interesting. After that I started thinking about them general. Do I believe someone could predict the future using the stars and planets. So I figured the only way to know for sure is that I will write down the general information that woman told me. So next year, at the same time, I can check and see. Was she spot on or was it far from real.

She told geminis that the year ahead will be more spiritual and had a lot doing with work. Geminis will start to evaluate their relationships. What these relations are giving to us. We will figure out what we want and she also said that we have to trust our instincts.

If we will be around someone and our body doesn’t feel comfortable around that person. We should listen. But she also said that she didn’t see a lot of love in the upcoming year. Which is interesting. This is what those horoscopes usually promise. “love or, if you already have found it, engagement or even marriage”

Fiew months ago (maybe more) my friend was predicting my future using taro cards. She told me that in the near future I will find love. (typical) She told me that I was on the right track with my career. That the path I was on was right. The issue with that was that I had different options, I was more invested with the movie school idea. Hopefully it is tha path she was telling me about. But, I quess, I will see.

Now there is this other thing. Because they were predicting the future. Will I now connect those things with actual events. Will my mind see those accuracies (if thats even a word) where there aren’t any. Will it go like “ooh she told me that I will make a huge decision, this must be it”


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