Another weird dream

It was a nice day. You could feel it from the air that it was summer finally. Even though you couldn’t see the sun, because there was always a cloud covering the sun like a blanket. Everytime one cloud floats away, new on takes its place. But between these swaps, you could see the sunrays touching the earth.

We were enjoying our time off, me and my family. It hadn’t been a time were all of us had a day off at the same time. We were discussing where we should go swimming.

Suddenly my dads phone rings. He awnsers. When the call is ended he told us that Tallinn was invaded. He doesn’t say by whom. Now our topic is what should we do. Our final plan was to run, so we could find others and see what they wanted to do. Since we live close to Tallinn, we knew we had to move fast.

We were told to avoud big roads. Two of us would go by car. My dad and my mom. And me, my sister and my brother would go by train. We had to go to the end station and from there find a different car or think of another way. We would keep in touch with out phones.

When we got to the train station near our home, we were told that the train will be there in five minutes. Since the normal trains could’t be used, it was going to e a cargo train. Sort of. It was train that transports tractors. We were meant to hide inside them, just in case. 

We saw the train coming. I got this feeling, the one I usually get before a big test, where you feel sick and your heart is bounding. 

We jumped on one of these tractors and hid, so that when someone walked by, they couldn’t see us. 

Suddenly we heard a gunshot. It was the driver of the train. He yelled “If you have big familys you can’t all hide in the same tractor. You will be noticed and everyone will be killed”

Fiew minutes later we start moving.


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