The coolest hotels.

I was looking around in instagram and saw this cool picture of this hotel and this gave me an idea. I wanted to write about the 10 coolest hotels in my oppinion. These are the places where I want to go and stay the night.

1.HOTEL KAKSLAUTTANEN IGLOO VILLAGE – This hotel is located in Finland. When you go there you can choose between a glass or snow igloo. Imagine that you lie in your bed and looking up you could see the stars and maybe even the northern lights.

Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village2. Magic Mountain Hotel This hotel is located in Chile and it just looks really cool. Don’t you think?

montana-magica-lodge_263. Neemrana Fort Palace – This hotel is in India. Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a fort.

Neemrana-Fort-Palace-Neemrana64. Hobit House. This is in Montana US. And I like it because I liked the lord of the rings movies and staying in that hotel would be really cool.

o-HOBBIT-HOUSE-facebook5. Gypsy Caravan – This is in Helston, England and has a realy chill vibe to it.

les-roulottes-de-la-serve-076.Treebones Resort in Big Sur – This looks like a giant nest and I’m sure it is awesome. The view looks cool as well – the ocean and you could probably see the sunset or sunrise from your bed.

inside_of_nest7.Boat Hotel in Cocoa Island – In a tropical place (Maldives), these boats look really cool and the ocean isn’t far – you just need to jump off.

Boat-Hotel-at-Cocoa-Island-Maldives-38.Poseidon Undersea Resort – In Fiji lagoon. Basically you can look at the fish and stuff. I’m not so sure how much I could actually sleep there. Pretty sure I would be constantly thinking about the water and what if tha glass breaks.

uvHK89.Tongabezi Safari House – In Botswana. I love the view and the room itself.

tongabezi_suite10.The Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House -This is in London and it’s Harry Potter themed. I’m a huge fan of the movies and naturally I like the idea.

harry-potter-hotel-room2That’s it.

PS: I got these pictures from google and I wrote this post before I saw that writing challenge.


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