The five things

If I had to pick five things to send off my friend or relative to a dessert island, I would choose:

1. A book about how to survive in nature. I haven’t read any, therefore I can’t actually name any of them. But since that person may not have the skills to survive in an island, I would think a book like that would come in handy.

2. One of the things should be a tent. Since sleeping under the stars may sometimes sometimes be impossible. For example, when it’s raining.

3. Fishing net. Since that person needs to eat, I think this is one of the best things, I could think, for getting catching fish.

4. Swiss knife (not sure if thats how it’s written). This is essential and has everything that one may need when living on an island.

5. And to end of this list – satellite phone. So that if that friend wants to leave that island, they can call me and I would get them back.



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