The art of storytelling

I like stories in general. Doesn’t matter who’s telling them, as long as they are good stories. We all have our own stories to tell and our own way of telling them. Actually storytelling is art. And in my opinion everyone can do it. We just have our own style.

Most of you may have noticed, I like painting and art. I may not be like on of those great ones you’ll see in exhibitions, but I practice. Since I have been drawing and painting for ages I have realised that everyone can draw and paint. We just have our own, so called, handwriting. I think there are maybe basic things you should learn how to do or use and you are all set. And I’m not the only one who thinks like that. My friend is a good singer and she said that everyone can learn how to sing.

But writing is another story. I have tried writing. Writing stories and stuff. This is something I find difficult. A great writer almost paints a picture with words. They are detailed but not to detailed. I don’t know, they are really good with butting words together. I, at the moment, aren’t good with that. I may know how to draw and paint, put I suck at grammer.

I don’t have a favourite writer or a storyteller. If you have a good story, I will listen to it. Or read it from a book. One thing I think is essential is great imagination. Making things up in your head, I so wish I could do that.

I really hope I will get better at this.


4 Replies to “The art of storytelling”

  1. I like writing the short stories I do on my blog. Sometimes I feel they are too detailed, sometimes I cannot describe them adequately so yeah I am in awe of people that eave words that give just enough for us to make the rest up in our heads.

  2. what i write depends on my mood and i’m not good at it. i’m not good at describing and explaining things. i’m just good at admiring works of people…like this post….. Inspiration – pls. come to me everyday…thanks!

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