Soundtrack of my life

If someone made a movie based on my life and I had to I don’t know, choose a soundtrack. I’m not very good with making these types of choises. And that is very important one. I mean that a great movie needs a great soundtrack.

I think it would include music like Ed Sheeran does, to add to those low points. It would include rock music. Since that is my favourite style. I want my move to have that badass feeling and rock music gives that vibe.

But figuring out what type of a movie it should be is even harder. I mean would it be comedy, action or drama. I think my life in some cases involve everything.


3 Replies to “Soundtrack of my life”

  1. One of those tunes that suffers from the video–without Mark Metcalf (Neidermeyer), the song would probably be entirely forgotten.

    Early 80s, that was a pandemic of the industry, I suppose.

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