Good old uni days

I sometimes think about my uni days. Mostly because I miss my friends who are still there. But it seems like they don’t miss me. We haven’t been in touch for ages. And I still want to hang out with them, whenever they are in estonia. But we haven’t had a chance.

When ever I think about my time there I get a little sad. I actually thought these people would be in my life forever. Don’t know why. It kinda felt like it. I had fun with them, we had so much fun.

I think I will always miss those days. Because the people were amazing.

Funny thing is that sometimes I that some days I feel like I should make an effort and try to reconnect with them and sometimes I feel like fuck it. If they don’t want to be friends, why should I try.

But then again maybe they are just busy.


4 Replies to “Good old uni days”

  1. I have had these moments too; work colleagues where I felt we really clicked and the friendships would go on after work.

    In most cases it was not to be, I obviously had a different take on it than they did and yes it does make you said. In dating that I know I am terrible for keeping in touch so I am sure that I have done the same to others.

    However if you ate not making the effort to contact them perhaps they feel as if you don’t want to keep in contact with them.

    1. you made a good point. The thing is I have been trying to contact them loads. But how long should I try? I mean should I keep trying just to show them I want to keep in touch. Or should I just give up at some point?

      1. if you are trying that they are not responsing there is not much you can do. I have a friend like that, suddenly doesnt want to hang out anymore.

        last time we spoke I left it with him and said you call me when you want to do something.

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